Assessment and Directive

Once the Administrator has received the preliminary information and the notice of intent, the file is forwared to the Evaluating Committee (COMEV).

In the case of a grey zone project, the COMEV must first decide to recommend to the Administrator that the project be subject to or exempted from the assessment and review procedure. To this end, the COMEV studies all the documentation presented. If necessary, the COMEV may recommend that the Administrator ask the proponent to respond to additional questions or comments. When the COMEV has completed its analysis, it sends its recommendation to the Administrator. Note that when a project is exempted, an attestation of exemption is sent to him/is issued. If a project is subject to the procedure, whether automatically or following the recommendation of the Evaluating Committee, it continues its way through the process.

The COMEV issues a directive for all projects that must undergo the process. The directive is a document outlining the nature and scope of the impact study that the proponent must undertake. This directive is sent to the Administrator, who forwards it to the proponent, with or without revisions. If the Administrator considers it necessary to revise a recommendation from the COMEV, he must consult it first.