Construction of a new borrow pit for the Coniagas tailings pond rehabilitation project

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Galaxy Lithium (Ontario) inc.


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The proponent wishes to open and operate a new borrow pit (PK 0.6) as a source of granular materials for the restoration of the Coniagas tailings pond. Another borrow pit (PK0.5) was the subject of a request for exemption granted on June 21, 2022 but can not be fully exploited. Thus, the proponent wishes to open a new borrow pit to proceed with the restoration project. The area of the borrow pit to be opened is 0.7 ha.

The proposed borrow pit is located east of Provincial Road 113, and is accessible from a logging road that begins approximately 0.6 km east of Desmaraisville along the road to the Coniagas site and the Bachelor Mine.


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