Mandate of COMEV

The Evaluating Committee (COMEV) reports to three directors: regional, provincial and federal. The location and competence of a development project determine the Administrator to whom a project is to be submitted. Development projects located on Category I lands must be forwarded to the regional Administrator. Projects under provincial jurisdiction such as those related to the development of natural resources must be forwarded to the provincial Administrator and projects under federal jurisdiction such as those related to air or sea transport must be forwarded to the federal Administrator.

COMEV is responsible for the review of the preliminary information of development projects forward by the Administrator located south of the 55th parallel, including Category I and II lands of Whapmagoostui, in the territory governed by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBANQ). Based on the preliminary information, the COMEV recommends to the Administrator to subject or not the project to the environmental and social impact assessment and review procedure provided in chapter 22 of the JBNQA. When the project is subject, COMEV decides whether or not a project is subject to the assessment procedure, the scope of the impact study required and recommends that the Administrator send it to the proponent.

In accordance with the Convention, after considering among other factors such as recommendations, the Administrator shall decide whether or not to proceed with the evaluation and the review of the project. When appropriate, the Administrator shall give instructions or make recommendations on the nature and scope of such assessment and review, or both. If the Administrator can’t accept the recommendations of the COMEV or wish to modify them, he has to consult the Evaluating committee to explain its position and to discuss it before making its decision and to inform the proponent officially.