Second entry point into the community – Waswanipi

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The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi wants to construct of a two-lane road that will act as a second entry point from highway 113 into the community. Each lane will be 3.5 meters wide, with 2 meters wide unpaved shoulders on either side. A 30 meters corridor will be deforested for the road. The total length of the road is 701 meters. The project schedule has construction of the road beginning in May 2018, with paving taking place in 2020. The proponent states that the paving will take place after 2 freeze/thaw cycles that will allow for the road to properly settle before paving. Prior to 2020, only around 20-50 meters of the road will be paved near the intersection of highway 113, this to prevent granular material from spreading onto the highway.


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