Upgrading of drinking water pumping station Waswanipi

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The Cree First Nation of Waswanipi plans to largely dismantle the existing pumping station building and a hangar and plans to clean up the site. The community is also planning the construction of the new pumping station of approximately 16 m x 10 m. The new building will also include the water treatment system equipment. A new walk-in generator installed on an exterior concrete slab will replace the current generator, which has insufficient capacity. Finally, the civil works will include: connections of new facilities (raw water line, pumping station, underground connection, etc.) and the installation of fences to restrict access to pumping stations, reservoirs and wells. In addition, the space and infrastructure needed for the installation of a future chlorine disinfection system are planned in the new pumping station building in case the disinfection be necessary or desired by the community in the future.


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